In 1907, Another large fire put 300 men out of work when the Rockaway Rolling Mill was destroyed.  Era 2016, this was where Kop-Coat is located...

The building with cupola in background was the old bicycle factory (era 2016 Pine Street Commons). Fire Chief Emil Lowenthal may be the man in the middle.

The rolling mill was immediately rebuilt after the fire, producing bar iron and steel until the early 1930s. Its owner Edward Ehlers served as mayor of Rockaway in 1914-1918. The man with a fur cap at center right might be Ehlers.

The old Liberty Bicycle Factory (building with cupola) had become the Rockaway Automobile Co. by 1907, producing the "Rockaway Rambler" car. Later it would become Stapling Machines Co, and in 2016 it is the Pine Street Commons.

Emil Lowenthal was a member of the family who built the Liondale Bleach, Dye & Printworks in 1896.

The family took great interest in fire safety, and the factory was outfitted with state-of-the-art fire suppression systems, including automatic doors and sprinklers, and on-site fire pumps and hose carriages.

Emil served as the Borough's fire chief from 1906 to 1912. He also ran several businesses in town, such as a brick factory (which made the bricks used to build the firehouse) and a squabbery.