Serving the citizens of Rockaway Borough, New Jersey since 1897

The Rockaway Borough Fire Department (RBFD) is an all volunteer department of 40 active men and women who respond to the emergency Fire and Rescue demands for the Borough of Rockaway.  

In addition, the RBFD also responds to requests for manpower and equipment to neighboring fire departments (such as Denville and Dover) who are members of the Mutual Aid and Fast Team agreement. On the average, the Rockaway Borough Fire Dept responds to approximately 150 fire calls within Rockaway Borough each year. .

All members of the Rockaway Borough Fire Dept carry a pager (Minitor) to notify them when there is a fire/rescue or medical emergency call. For all emergencies other than medical, the horn atop the firehouse will sound, thus alerting the residents of Rockaway Borough of a potential emergency. 

All citizens should be aware of the fact that there are not always personnel at the fire department. If you have an emergency, always go to the nearest phone, dial 911 and give the dispatcher all pertinent information, such as the nature of the call and location of the emergency. Do not take precious time to go to the fire station! The fire and rescue personnel will respond to your location!! 

The residents of Rockaway Borough are protected by an Enhanced 911 system which automatically displays the telephone number and address of every caller. This special feature expedites the dispatch process provided by the Morris County Dispatch Center which is located at the Morris County Police and Fire Academy. 

The Enhanced 911 system, in conjunction with quick responding volunteers, enables us to enjoy a four minute response from the time of the call to the first vehicle leaving the station. On an EMS call, our patients are transported to area hospitals (St Clair's Dover or Denville) within 7-15 minutes. In certain instances, patients are transported Morristown Memorial Hospital depending on the circumstances. 

RBFD is one of the most senior fire departments in Morris County. First formed in 1897, the department has operated many type of fire apparatus. The Rockaway Borough Fire and Rescue Department has evolved into a modern Fire and Rescue Department with a full complement of state-of-the-art equipment