Open House - September 29


 The Rockaway Borough Fire Department would like you to join us for our open house on Friday September 29th at 7pm (1 East Main Street, Rockaway NJ 07866) for:

Saint Barnabas Fire Safety House

Two mobile trailers recreate a home environment which allows children (primarily third graders) to identify and correct everyday household hazards that may lead to fire and burn injuries. Fire Safety Houses also simulate a house fire, utilizing non-toxic smoke, that allows children to practice their home escape plan. For more information or to schedule the fire safety house for your school or organization, please contact Burn Community Programs at 973-322-8071 and select from the options.

NJ Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The side-by-side demonstration is a highly effective learning tool used to present possible extreme fire hazards and show how residential and commercial sprinklers effectively limit those hazards. There is no more dramatic way to demonstrate the devastating speed and effect of flashover.  here are two “rooms”—both are furnished as a typical living room, bedroom or dorm room. The difference is that one of the rooms has a smoke alarm, while the other has a smoke alarm and a single sprinkler head. This demonstration reveals the speed at which the fire sprinkler suppresses the fire in one room—usually under a minute—while the other room continues to burn and is already at flashover (the point at which everything in the room ignites) before a fire department typically arrives on scene.

Jaws of Life Demo (7:30/8pm)

Fire Apparatus Displays

Free Food

Kids Activities